We keep the legacy

Since 1959

Our Story

They say that important things resist in time and time to time they mature and evolve. The story of Cosi Jeans began 55 years ago, in 1959, when George Xatziyannidis, a visionary in the field of garment manufacturing, funded a Greek family wholesaling company.

Three decades later, in 1989, the tradition came to his two sons, Panagiotis and Constantine, who are the second generation of Cosi Jeans Company and they introduced an innovative ideology about jeans, managing to preserve one of the most famous and beloved brands not only in Greece, but also in Europe.



Our inspiration in Cosi Jeans is our partnerships with such diverse and extraordinary people, the design in standard installations, and the fashion that changes continuously, architecture, art and rock music. It's the simplicity that characterizes the great movements and the elegance of human body. But above all, it’s the smile that is evoked to a customer when he tries our jeans. This is the maximum satisfaction and the need of continuing to be innovating.



Cotton, the "King" in constructing the empire of Cosi Jeans.

Ecology is the modern luxury.

The "King" in constructing the empire of Cosi Jeans is cotton, which in its pure form is extremely absorbent, long-lasting and allows the skin to breathe. The combination of high quality of the cotton and the elastic fibers provides a perfect fit for the body and permanence in the form of the clothing.

It has to be mentioned that, in our endlessly quest for the expansion of our offers to our customers, we included in this year's collection the eco jeans, aiming at best organic cotton, the use of which supports sustainable agriculture without using the dangerous chemical practices of the past years. After all, the constant respect for the environment is the best way for the expansion of a company.




Cosi specializes in jeans, pioneering the denim industry with its revolutionary washes, fabrications and 3D prints.