Our philosophy is to reach everyone who likes to wear a modern pair of jeans. We are delighted with the growing popularity of our brand abroad and we will always keep our mind open to future collaborations with talented people from the world of sports, fashion, music and theater. We are grateful for their kindness and support. They showed that creativity and fashion have a strong bond.We go forward with the objective to make every people who love our brand smile.

Dario Rizzardi | Vienna, Austria

Our inspiration

Our inspiration in Cosi Jeans is our partnerships with such diverse and extraordinary people, the design in standard installations, and the fashion that changes continuously, architecture, art and rock music. It's the simplicity that characterizes the great movements and the elegance of human body.

Lewis Mattison | Manchester, UK

More denim

More than denim, Cosi is a lifestyle. Cosi jeans are the perfect combination of a modern elegant cut and fiber elasticity. With that kind of flexibility, you're free to move however you want! Your city is a playground. Don’t be afraid to play. Express yourself!

Dennis Theodorou | Sydney, Australia

Denim is our passion

Our challenge is to raise the bar higher every time in every new collection. This is why we keep our creativity flowing, in order to offer a modern pair of jeans with the best quality fabric.

Jared Acquaro| Melbourne, Australia

Worn around the globe

Our brand grows. Cosi has reached new levels by approaching foreign markets. The rhino travels to Austria, Germany, Italy, Australia and many other countries. Our story continues...